Shipping Grossary

0 - 9

2H   second half

3PL   third party logistics provider

4PL   fourth party logistics provider

AA   always afloat

a.a.r.   against all risks

ABT   about

A/C   for account of

ACEP   approved continuous examination program

a.d. a/d   after date

Add-on   tariff, also proportional rate or arbitrary (USA)

ADP   automated data processing

ad val. (a/v)   ad valorem (according to value)

AES   automated export system

Affreightment   the hiring of a ship in whole or part

AFSPS   arrival first sea pilot station (Norway)

Agcy   agency

AGVS   automated guided vehicle system

a.g.w.t.   actual gross weight

AHS   automated highway systems

AMS   automated manifest system (USA)

ANTHAM   Antwerp-Hamburg range

AOG   aircraft on ground

A/P   account paid

APD   additional product documentation

APS   arrival pilot station

ARAG   Amsterdam-Rotterdam-Antwerp-Ghent range

Arrd.   arrived

A/S   alongside

ASCII   American standard code for information interchange

ASYCUDA   automated system for customs data

ATD   actual time of departure

ATP(1)   available to promise

Atty.   Attorney

Auth.   authorized

av   average

AAAA   always accessible always afloat

AARA   Amsterdam-Antwerp-Rotterdam area

AC   account current

acc.   acceptance; accepted

ACI   advance commercial information (Canada)

ADCOM   address commission

ADN   european provisions concerning the international carriage of dangerous goods on inland waterway

ADR   european agreement concerning the international carriage of dangerous goods by road

AEO   authorized economic operator

AETR   european agreement concerning the work of crews of vehicles engaged in international road transport

AFRA   average freight rate assessment

Aft   at, near or towards the stern or rear of a vessel or an aircraft

Agt.   agent

AGW   all going well

AHL   Australian hold ladders

AIM   automatic identification manufacturers

AMT   air mail transfer

A.O.   account of

A/or   and/or

A.P.   additional premium

Approx.   approximately

A/R   all risks (insurance)

Arr.   arrival

a/s   after sight

ASAP   as soon as possible

Ass.   associate

ATA   actual time of arrival

ATDNSHINC   any time day or night Sundays and holidays included

ATP(2)   agreement for the international carriage of perishable foodstuffs

ATUTC   actual times used to count

Aux.   auxiliary

AWB   air waybill

B2B   business to business

B.A.C.   bunker adjustment charge

Bags/Bulk   part in bags, part in bulk

Bareboat Chtr   bareboat charter owners lease a specific ship and control its technical management and commercial operations only

BBB   before breaking bulk

B/D   bank(er’s)draft

bdth.   breadth

BEAM   the maximum breadth of a ship

B/G   bonded goods

BI   both inclusive

B/L   bill of lading

Blk.   Bulk

BOB   bunker on board

BOM   bill of material

BROB   bunkers remaining on board

BSS   basis

BT   berth terms

Bundling   this is the assembly of pieces of cargo, secured into one manageable unit

BUP   bulk unit programme

BWAD   brackish water arrival draft

B2C   business to consumer

B.A.F.   bunker adjustment factor

Ballast   heavy weight, often sea water, necessary for the stability and safety of a ship which is not carrying cargo

BB   break bulk

B.C.   bulk cargo

b.d.i.   both dates (days) inclusive

Bdy.   boundary

BENDS   both ends (load & discharge ports)

B/H   bill of health

Bkge   brokerang

BL   bulk load

BM   beam

BOFFER   best offer

brl.   barrel

BRP   business requirements planning

BSS 1/1   basis 1 port to 1 port

BTN   Brussels tariff nomenclature

Bunkers   name given for vessels fuel and diesel oil supplies

B.W.   bonded warehouse

bxs.   boxes

CAC   currency adjustment charge

CAD   cash against documents

CAS   currency adjustment surcharge

C.B.   container base

cbm   cubic meter

CBP   customs and border protection

CCL   customs clearance

ccx   collect

C/D   customs declaration

AES   automated export system

CEVNI   european code for inland waterways

CFS   container freight station

C.H.C.   cargo handling charges

CHOPT   charterers option

c/i   certificate of insurance

CIF   cost, insurance and freight

c.i.f. & e.   cost, insurance, freight and exchange

c.i.f.c. & e.   cost, insurance, freight, commission and exchange

c.i.f.i. & c.   cost, insurance, freight, interest and commission

c.i.f.l.t.   cost, insurance and freight, London terms

CIM   international convention on the transport of goods by railway

CIV   international convention on the carriage of passenger and luggage by railway

Cl.   classification

CLP   container load plan

cm3   cubic centimeter(s)

C/N   consignment note

cnmt/consgt.   consignment

C/O   certificate of origin

COACP   contract of affreightment charter party

COB (2)   close of business

C.O.D.   cash on delivery

C.O.F.C.   container-on-flat-car (rail flatcar)

CONS   consumption

COP   customs of port

COS   call-of-schedule

COW   collection on wheels

CP   carriage paid

C/P lading   charter party bill of lading

CQD   customary quick dispatch

CROB   cargo remaining on board

CSC (1)   container service charge

CSConf   cargo services conference (IATA)

CSL   container stuffing list

CST (2)   centistokes

C.T.   conference terms

CTD   combined transport document

C.T.L.   constructive total loss

CTPC   cargo traffic procedures committee (IATA)

cu.ft.   cubic foot (feet)

cur.   currency

CUSRES   customs response

CVGP   customs value per gross pound

CWO   cash with order

CY   container yard

CAConf   cargo agency conference (IATA)

CAF   currency adjustment factor

CASS   cargo accounts settlement system (IATA)

c.b.d.   cash before delivery

CBFT (OR CFT)   cubic feet

cc   charges collect

CCS   consolidated cargo (container) service

c.&d.   collection and delivery

CEM   European Conference on goods train timetables

AETR   european agreement concerning the work of crews of vehicles engaged in international road transport

CFR   cost and freight

C.H.   carrier’s haulage

Ch. fwd.   charges forward

CHTRS   charterers

c.i.a.   cash in advance

c.i.f. & c.   cost, insurance, freight and commission

c.i.f. & i.   cost, insurance, freight and interest

c.i.f.c. & i.   cost, insurance, freight, commission and interest

c.i.f.i. & e.   cost, insurance, freight, interest and exchange

c.i.f.w.   cost, insurance and freight plus war risk

CIP   carriage and insurance paid to

CKD   completely knocked down (unassembled)

Clean B/L   clean bill of lading

cm   centimeter(s)

CMR   convention on the contract for the international carriage of goods by road

cnee   consignee

cnor   consignor

COA   contract of affreightment owners agree to accept a cost per revenue ton for cargo carried on a specific number of voyages

COB (1)   collection on board

COB (3)   customs and border protection (Canada)

COD   charterers pay dues

COGSA   carriage of goods by sea act

COOS   call-of and order survey

C.O.S.   cash on shipment

COTIF   convention concerning international carriage by rail (CIMCIV)

C.P.   customs of port

C/P   charter party

CPT   carriage paid to

CRN   crane

CRP   continuous replenishment program

CSC (2)   international convention of the safe transport of containers

CSI   container security initiative (USA)

CST (1)   container service tariff

C/T   container terminal

CT   combined transport

CTO   combined transport operator

C-TPAT   customs trade partnership against terrorism (USA)

CTR   container fitted   cubic inch(es)

CUSDEC   customs declaration

CVGK   customs value per gross kilogram

CWE   cleared without examination

cwt   hundredweight

cy   currency

D/A   documents against acceptance

DAP   documents against payment

D.A.S.   delivery resp. delivered alongside ship

DCAS   distribution cost analysis system

DDP   delivered duty paid

DEM   demurrage

DES   delivered ex ship

DET   detention

DGR   dangerous goods regulations (IATA)

DHDWTSBE   dispatch half demurrage on working time saved both ends

dir.   direct

DIT   destination interchange terminal

DLOSP   dropping last outwards sea pilot (Norway)

DMT   destinational motor terminal

DO   diesel oil

DOCIMEL   electronic CIM document

DOP   dropping outward pilot

D/P   documents against payment

DRK   derrick

Dunnage   materials of various types, often timber or matting, placed amount the cargo for separation, and hence protection from damage, for ventilation and, in the case of certain cargoes, to provide space in which the forks of a lift truck may be inserted dwcc dead weight cargo capacity

DAF   delivered at frontier

DAPS   days all purposes (total days for loading & discharge)

DAWB   direct air waybill

DDC   destination delivery charge

DDU   delivered duty unpaid

DEQ   delivered ex quay (duty paid)

DESP   dispatch

DFP   duty-free port

DHDATSBE   dispatch half demurrage on actual time saved both ends

dia   diameter

DISCH   discharge

DK   deck

dm3   cubic decimeter(s)

DNRSAOCLONL   discountless and non-returnable ship and/or cargo lost or not lost

D/O   delivery order

DOLSP   dropping off last sea pilot (Norway)

DOT   department of transport

DRAFT   depth to which a ship is immersed in water

DSTN   destination

DWT   dead weight ton

EAN   european article numbering

ECB   express cargo bill

EDI   electronic data interchange

EDIFACT   electronic data interchange for administration, commerce and transport

EDP   electronic data processing

EFT   electronic funds transfer

EIR   equipment interchange receipt

ELVENT   electric ventilation

E. & O.E.   errors and omissions excepted

ETC   estimated time of completion

ETS   expected time of sailing

excl.   excluding

EZC   european zone charge

EC   east coast

ECR   efficient consumer response

EDIF   electronic design interchange format

EDIFOR   electronic data interchange forwarding

EDR   equipment damage report

e.g.   for example

EIU   even if used

encl   enclosure

ETA   expected/estimated time of arrival

ETD   expected /estimate time of departure

EVA   economic value added

EXW   ex work

FAA   free of all average

F.A.C.   forwarding agent’s commission

F.A.L.   facilitation committee of the IMO

f.a.q.   fair average quality

FAST   free and secure trade

FCA   free carrier

FCL   fully container load

FD   free of dispatch

FDI   foreign direct investment (Canada)

FEU   forty foot equivalent unit

f.g.a.   free of general average

FHINC   Fridays/holidays included

FIATA FCT   Forwarders Certificate of Transport

FIATA SIC   Shippers Intermodal Weight Certification

f.i.a.s.   free in and stowed

xxxx   free in and stowed

f.i.h.   free in habor

f.i.o.   free in and out

f.i.o.s.   free in and out stowed

FIOT   free in/out and trimmed

FIS   freight, insurance and shipping charges

f.i.w.   free into wagon

FLP   freight logistic provider

FLT (2)   full liner terms shipowner pays to load and discharge the cargo

FMS   fathoms = 6 feed

FO   fuel oil/intermediate

F.O.C.   flags of convenience

F.O.D.   free of damage

FOG   for our guidance

FOR   free on rail

FOT   free on truck

FOW (2)   free on wharf

F.I.B.   free into barge

FILO   free in/line out

FIO   first in/first out

FIOSLSD   free in/out stowed, lashed, secured and dunnaged

firavv   first available vessel

FIT   free in trimmed

FIXING   chartering a vessel

FLT (1)   forklift truck

FMCG   fast-moving consumer goods

f.o.   free out

FOB   free on board

F.O.C.F.A.R.   free of claim for accident reported

FOFFER   firm offer

FOQ   free on quay

Force Majeure   clause limiting responsibilities of the charterers, shippers and receivers due to paid for by the buyer

FOW (1)   first open water

F.P.A.   free of particular average

G.A.   general average

G.A.C.   general average contribution

G.B.L.   Government bill of lading

G.C.R.   general cargo rates

gds   goods

GHA   ground handing agent

GMT   Greenwich Meantime

GNCN   Gencon a standard BIMCO charter party from

GO   gas oil

GRD   geared

GRT   gross registered tonnsge

GSA   general sales agent

GSP   good safe port

GTEE   guarantee

Guadalajara Supplementary   convention supplementary to the Warsaw Convention for the unification

Guatemala City protocol   protocol to amend the convention for the unification of certain rules relating to international carriage by air signed at Warsaw on 12 October 1929 as amended by the protocol at The Hague on 28 September 1955 (not in force)

G.A.A.   general average agreement (bond)

GATT   general agreement on tariffs and trade

G.C.   general cargo

GDP   gross domestic product

GFA   general freight agent

GLS   gearless

GN   grain (capacity)

GNP   gross national product

GOH   garment-on-hanger

GRI   general rate increase

gr wt   gross weight

GSB   good safe berth

GST   goods and services tax

GTL   gas-to-liquid (Canada)

Convention   of certain rules relating to international carriage by air performed by a person other than the contracting carrier

HA   hatch

Hague Rules   international convention of the unification of certain rules relating to bills of lading

Hamburg Rules   United Nations convention on the carriage of goods by sea

HAZCHEM   hazardous chemicals code

HC   hand carriage

HDWTS   half dispatch working time save

hgt   height

h/lift   heavy lift

HS   harmonized system

Hague Prot.   protocol to amend the convention for the unification of certain rules relating to the international carriage by air signed at signed at Warsaw on 12 October 1929

Hague/Visby Rules   protocol to amend the international convention for the unification of certain rules of law relating to bills of lading

HAWB   house air waybill

HAZMAT   hazardous materials

Hdlg   handing

HERMES   handling european railway message exchange-system

HHG   house hold goods

HO   hold

HW   high water

IA   independent action

I.C.C.   institute cargo clauses

IMDS   international marinetime dangerous good code

in.   inch(es)

INCOTERMS   standard condition for sale and delivery of goods

info   information

INTERMODAL   carriage of a commodity by different modes of transport within a single journey

INTRM   intermediate point

I.P.A.   including particular average

ISA   information system agreement

ISPS   international ship and port facility security code

ITF   International Transport Federation

ITU   intermodal transport unit

IUHATUTC   if used, half actual time used to count

IWL   institute warranty limits

i.a.w.   in accordance with

IDC   inland clearance depot

IMGS   international medical guide for ships

incl.   including

IND   indication

INMARSAT   international convention on the international maritime satellite organization insurance

INTIS   international transport and information system

inv.   invoice

IPI   inland point intermodal

ISDN   intergrated service digital network

IT   immediate transportation entry

ITIGG   international transport implementation guidelines group

IU   if used

I.V.   increased value


JIT   just-in-time

JOT   Journal of Commerce (Canada)

KD   knocked down

km   kilometer

km2   square kilometer

KS   known shipper

kWh   kilowatt-hour

kg(s)   kilogram(s)

km.p.h.   kilometers per hour

kn   knot(s)

kW   kilowatt-hour

Kyoto Convention   international convention on the simplification and harmonization of customs procedures (CCC convention)

L/A   Lloyd’s agent

LASH (1)   lighter aboard ship

Lat.,lat.   latitude

L/C   letter of credit

l.&d.   loss and damage

LFL   lower flammable limit

lifo   last-in-first-out>liner in free out

Lkg/Bkg   leakage & breakage

L.O.A.   length over all

LO/LO   lift on, lift off

LOW   last open water

LS   lump sum

LSD (1)   landing, storage and delivery charges

L.T.   liner time

LTA   lighter than air system (airship)

LTL   less than truckload

l.&u.   loading and unloading

LW   low water

Lane Meter   a method of measuring the spece capacity of Ro/Ro ships whereby each unit of space (liner meter) is represented by an area of deck 1.0 meter in length x2.0 meter in width

LASH (2)   to hold goods in position by use of ropes, wires, chains or strings etc.

lb(s)   pound(s)

LCL   less than container load (less than car load)

LEL   lower explosive limit

lgt.   Long ton(s)

liq.   liquid

LNG   liquefied natural gas

loc.   Local; location

Long., long.   longitude

LPG   liquefied petrochemical gas

LSA   logistic support analysis

LSD (2)   lashed secured dunnage

LT   liner terms

LTGE   lighterage

ltr.   lighter

lump   lump sum

LYCN   laycan (layday cancelling date)

M   minimum (rate classification)

m3   cubic meter(s)

mat   material

MB   merchant broker

Mdse   merchandise

MFAG   medical first aid guide

MFN   most favored nation status

mi   mile(s)

m.i.p.   marine insurance policy

M + R   maintenance and repair (center)

MOLOO   more or less owners option

Montreal Prot. No.4   protocol to amend the convention for the unification of certain rules relating to international carriage by air signed at Warsaw on 12 October 1929 as amended by the protocol done at The Hague on 28 September 1955

M/S   motor ship

msca   missing cargo

MT (2)   motor tanker

MTO   multimodal transport operator

m   meter(s)

MACH   modular automated container handling

MAWB   master air waybill

MDO   marine diesel oil

MEGC’s   multiple element gas containers

MFG   marine gas oil

M.H.   merchants haulage

MIN/MAX   minimum/maximum (cargo quantity)

M/R   mate’s receipt

MOLCHOPT   more or less charterers option

Montreal Convention   convention for the unification of certain rules relating to international carriage by air

MPC   multi purpose carrier

msbl   missing bill of lading

MT (1)   metric ton

MTD   multimodal transport document

M/V   motor vessel

N   normal (rate classification)

NAOCC   non aircraft operating common carrier

NCB   National Cargo Bureau

N.D.   non-delivery

NESTING   implies that cargo is presented stacked in the contour of similarly shaped cargo, it may be likened to a stack of plates

n.l.t.   not later than

No, Nr, N.   number

n.o.e.   not otherwise enumerated

n.o.p.   not otherwise provided

NOR   notice of readiness

N/R   note of readiness

N.R.A.S.   no risk after shipment

N.R.T.O.R.   no risk to attach till on rail

NT   net tons

nt wt   net weight

NVOCC   non vessel operating common carrier

NAABSA   not always afloat but safely aground

NAWB   neutral air waybill (forwarders air waybill)

NCV   non customs (commercial) value

n.e.s.   not elsewhere specified

NGO   non governmental organization

n/n   non-negotiable

N/O   no orders

Non-Reversible   (Detention). If loading completed sooner than expected, then saved days will not be added to discharge time allowed

n.o.r.   not otherwise rated

n.o.s.   not otherwise specified

N.R.A.D.   no risk after discharge

NRT   net registered ton

N.R.T.W.B.   no risk to attach till water bome

NTB   non-tariff barriers

n.v.d.   no value declared

NYPE   New York produce exchange

OB/L   ocean bill of lading

O/C   open cover

OCR   optical character recognition

ODS   operating differential subsidy

OFA   ocean freight agreement

OO   owners option

O.R.   owner’s risk

O.R.D.   owner’s risk of damage

ORT   original rail terminal

OSH   open shelter deck

OT   open top (container)

OWS   owners

O.B.S.   oil bunker surcharge

OCP   overland common port

O/D   on deck

OEM   original equipment manufacturers

OMT   original motor terminal

O.P.   open policy

O.R.B.   owner’s risk of breakage

O.R.F.   owner’s risk of fire

OS&D   over, short and damage

OSRA   ocean shipping reform act

OTI   ocean transportation intermediary

p.a.   per annum (per year)

pai   pre arrival information

PASTUS   past us

P & D   pick up and delivery

P.& I.   Protection and Indemnity Association

P& L.   profit and loss

payt.   Payment

PC   period of charter

PCGO   part cargo

pct   percent

p.D.   partial delivery

PERDIEM   per diem = by the day

PHYTO   phytosanitary certificate

pkg   package

PLP   parcel post

pmt   prompt

P/O   purchase order

P.O.B.   post office box

POD (2)   port of discharge and proof of delivery

pp/ppd   prepay/prepaid

PSI   pre-shipment inspection

p.t.   per ton

ptly pd   partly paid

p.t.w.   per ton weight

P.A.   particular average

Para   paragraph

P.B.A.   paid by agent

pdi   pre departure information

P.& I. clause   Protection and Indemnity clause

PAV   personal air vehicle (Canada)

P/C   paramount clause

p.c.f.   pounds per cubic foot

P.chgs.   particular charges

pd.   paid

PDPR   per day pro rata

PHPD   per hatch per day

PIC   pilot in command

P/L   partial loss

PLTC   port liner term charges

P/N   promissory note

POA   power of attorney (customs)

POD (1)   payment on delivery; paid on delivery

POL   port of loading

Pratique   license or permission to use a port

PSS   peak season surcharge

PTI   pre-trip inspection

PTSC   port and terminal service charge

Q   quantity (rate classification)

qlty   quality

Qn   quotation

qty   quantity

Q.c.o.   quantity at captain’s option

QM   quality management

QR   quick response

q.v.   quod vide (which see)

R   reduced class rate (rate classification)

rcpt   receipt

rcvd   received

red.   reduced

Rentcon   rent-a-container

rest.   restrict(ed)

Reversible   (Detention). If loading completed sooner than expected at load port, then days saved can be added to discharge operations

R.I.   reinsurance

RMD   Rhine-Main-Danube navigation

R/O   routing order

R.O.G.   receipt of goods

RO/RO   roll-on/roll-off

RT   revenue ton

Ry.   Railway

r/c   return cargo

RCU   rate construction unit

RCVR   receivers

ref   reference

rep   representative

retd.   Returned or retired

RFID   radio-frequency identification

RID   International regulations concerning the international carriage of dangerous goods by rail

RNR   rate not reported

ROB   remaining on board

RO/MO   truck on train

Round C/P   round charter party

r.t.b.a.   rate to be arranged

S   surcharge (rate classification)

SAD   single administrative document

SATPM   Saturday P.M.

S/C   surcharge

SCEP   supply chain enterprise portal

SCR   special/specific commodity rate

S.d.   Small damage

S/d   Sight draft

SDR   Special drawing right

SELFD   Self discharging

SHEX   Sundays / holidays excluded

SIC   Standard industrial classification

SKIDS   Bearers (timber or steel) positioned under cargo to enable fork lift handling at port, and for ease of rigging and lashing on board ship

SL   Bale (capacity)

sld   Sailing date

SOC   Shipper owned container

S.O.L.   Shipowner’s liability

SP   Safe pore   Square centimeter(s)

SRBL   Signing and releasing bill of lading

S/S   Steamship

SSHINC or SATSHINC   Saturdays, Sundays, holidays included

STC   Said to contain

STERN   The aft part of a ship

Sub L/C   Subject to letter of credit being opened

SUPERCARGO   Person employed by ship owner, shipping company, charter of ship or shipper of goods to supervise cargo handling operations, Often called a port Captain

SWDD   Salt water departure draft

S.A.   subject to approval

SAFETEA-LU   safe, accountable, flexible, efficient transportation equity act: a legacy for users

SB   safe berth

s & c   shipper and carrier

SCM   supply chain management

S.&F.A.   shipping and forwarding agent

s.d.   Short delivery

SD, SID   Single decker

SED   Shipper’s export declaration

SF   Stowage factor

SHINC   Sundays/holidays included

SITC   Standard international trade classification

SKU   Stock keeping unit

s.l.c.   Shippers’ load and count

SLI   Shippers letter of instruction

SOF   Statement of facts

SOLAS   International convention for the safety of life at sea

S.P.A.   Subject to particular average   Square inch(es)

SRCC   Strike, riots, civil commotions

SSHEX or SATSHEX   Saturdays, Sundays, holidays excluded

STARBOARD   Right side of a ship when facing the bow

STEM   Subject to enough merchandise (availability of cargo)

stvdrs   Stevedores

Sub license   Subject to license being granted

SWAD   Salt water arrival draft

SWL   Safe working load

t   Ton

TBL   Through bill of lading

T/C   Time charter

TC(2)   Transcontainer

TEU   Twenty foot equivalent unit (containers)

TIF   International transit by rail

TL   Total loss

t.l.o.   Total loss only

T.O.D.   Time of dispatch

T.O.R.   Time of receipt

tot   Terms of trade

TOW   Tier on weight (container stacking according to weight)

TQC   Total quality control

tr   tare

T/S   Transshipment

TTL   Total

TACT   The air cargo tariff(IATA)

TBN   To be named (ship)

TC(1)   Traffic conference area (IATA)

TD   Time of departure

THC   Terminal handing charge

TIR   Customs convention on the international transport of goods under cover of TIR carnets (for international road transport)

TLF   Tariff level factor

Tnge   Tonnage

TOFC   Trailer on flatcar

TOS   Terms of sale

tot.   Total

TPND   Theft, pilferage, non delivery

TQM   Total quality management

TRC   Terminal receiving charge

TSR   Trans Siberian landbridge

TW   Tween decker

u.c.   Usual conditions

UCP   Uniform customs and practice for documentary credits

U.DK.   Upper deck

ULD   Unit load device

UNDG(Number)   United Nations dangerous goods number

UNSM   United Nations standard message

USC   Unless sooner commenced

u.t.   Unusual terms

UUIATUTC   Unless used if actual time used to count

UCC   Uniform code council

U.D.   Under deck

ULCC   Ultra large crude carrier

UN/EDIFACT   United Nations electronic data interchange for administration, commerce and transport

UNLK   United Nations layout key

UPC   Uniform/universal product code

USS   Uniform zymology specification

UU   Unless used

U/w   Underwriter

val   Value

V.C   Vessels convenience

VIC   Very important cargo

VIP   Very important person

VMI   Vender-managed inventory

Vol   Volume

VSA   Vessel sharing agreement

VAT   Value added tax

Ves.   Vessel

VIO   Very important object

VLCC   Very large crude carrier

VOCC   Vessel operating common carrier

VPD   Vessel pays dues

v.v.   Vice versa

W.A.   With average (institute cargo clause)

W/B   Waybill

w.c.c.o.n.   Whether cleared customs or not

Wdt/wth   Width

WG   Working group

Whf   Wharfage

WIBON   Whether in berth or not

WIG   Wing-in-ground (Canada)

Wk.   Week

w/m   Weight/measurement

WOG   Without guarantee

WPD   Weather permitting day

W.R.I.   War risk insurance

Wt.   Weight

WW   Warehouse warrant

Wwd   Weather working days

www   World wide web

Warsaw Convention   Convention for the unification Of certain rules relating to international carriage by air

w.b.d.   Will be done

W/d   Working day(s)

w.e.f.   With effect from

Wgt   Weight

Whse   Warehouse

WIFPON   Whether in free pratique or not

WIPON   Whether in port or not

WLTOHC   Water line-to-hatch coaming

W/O, w/o   Without

w.p.a.   With particular average

W.R.   Warehouse receipt

WRIC   Wire rods in coils

w/v   Weight / volume

ww   World-wide

WWR   When, where ready

wwww   Wibon. Wccon, wifpon, wipon

YAR   York Antwerp rules

yday   Yesterday

y/l   Your letter

yd   Yard

YTD   Year to date

y/o   Your order

ZIP   Zone improvement plan